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      • I can give you several secrets.

        1. The number one secret is patience. Since you do martial arts, you have a big leg up on this one. If the pancakes are turning out badly, you need to ask yourself, "Am I patient enough for this?"

        2. Get the dry box of pre-made batter. Follow the directions to mix the batter. I like to use soy milk, but really regular milk or water will work.

        3. Make the batter pretty thin. I usually ad a little bit of water. You need to experiment with this. Too thin is if the batter is like beer. If the batter is tough to stir then it's too thick. The exact thickness is not important. A bit thinner is better than too thick.

        4. Heat the pan on medium. This means that the heat is just below the notch that makes it smoke. Take your time here.

        5. Make the smallest pancake within reason. The smaller the pancake the easier it is to make it perfect.

        6. Pick up the pan and tilt it slightly to get the excess batter all over the pan. You need to do this to really see how this works. If the batter is too high, it won't cook evenly. Thinner batter makes this step easier.

        7. Patiently watch the pancake. Observe it as it hardens.

        8. Once the pancake looks slightly hard, you can put the spatula beneath the pancake. It's probably not done. That's OK, you are learning. Watch it some more and remember this for next time.

        9. Flip the pancake. You need to practice this. My biggest problem is when the batter goes flying. If you did step 5 and 6 correctly, this should be less of a problem.

        10. Wait a very short time. Again, you need to practice this. Shorter is better at first so you don't burn it.

        11. Flip the pancake again. If both sides are done, so are you. Go to step five. Yes, I realize this will cause you to get caught in an infinite loop if this were a computer program. It's not. It's instructions to a human who is smart enough to know when enough pancakes are enough. :)

        12. Have fun. I know you will never reach this step due to step 11. :)

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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