Do you remember last year when I got my first SAG-qualifying voice acting job? (If not, here’s a reminder about My First Movie.) The movie was supposed to go direct to DVD, but the producers lost their original distribution deal. Eh. These things happen all the time in Hollywood, and I barely thought about it at all.

Flash forward to last night, when I was checking out the new arrivals on Netflix instant streaming, and WHOA! There it was:

The Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle The Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle

The movie stars Tim Curry, Jane Seymour, Jason Alexander, and Tom Kenny (Spongebob). Understandably, my name isn’t mentioned on Netflix or IMDB because I’m nobody. (It’s particularly Hollywood and funny because I did the voice of Young Doctor Dolittle, the title character.)

I will also point out that this was ADR — automated dialogue replacement. Another actor read my part first and his intonations were animated. I had to match his reading in order to get the words to work correctly with the mouth animations. In some ways this is easier than being the original actor, but in most ways it’s harder. (I think they left one of his lines in the trailer.)

If you don’t have Netflix streaming or, let’s face, you don’t feel like watching a direct-to-DVD kids’ movie, you can still listen to an MP3 of the closing credits. I’m singing the main voice. If you make it all the way to the end, you’ll hear me singing with Jane Seymour.

Animals Make the Very Best of Friends
[haiku url=”YoungDrDolittle-End.mp3″]

If you’ve got a few minutes, though, check out the opening credits of the movie. They’re amazing and were done entirely by Cosmic Toast Studios. My buddy David scored the entire movie (with help from Max!) and wrote the lyrics to the opening/closing song. Those guys ROCK.

13 thoughts on “Young Doctor Dolittle & Me”

    1. I honestly never expected it would come out — so many things in Hollywood just die quiet deaths. But it’s certainly fun to see a trailer with my voice!

  1. Eeeee!!! That is SO COOL! If there were a UK-region DVD available, I would be ordering it right now. Since there isn’t, I’ll just listen to the closing song again and beam! :)

    1. If I figure out a way to get you a copy, I will! (Although only the credits are required viewing because my buddies wrote the song and did the animation.)

  2. Wait. It’s understandable that you do not even appear on IMDB?!?!?!??!?!? I do not think this is understandable. Can you explain this to me?

    1. They weren’t even going to put my name in the credits inside the movie! Since my friends at Cosmic Toast were doing the credit sequence, they put it in and argued to keep it. If you don’t draw sales, you don’t matter.

      However, I’ll try to get it added to IMDB myself. Cosmic Toast isn’t even listed, and they scored the entire thing, wrote the song, and designed/animated the whole opening. Hollywood is full of… not nice people.

    1. I highly recommend only watching the opening credit sequence, unless you need help falling asleep. I brought a copy to Christmas last year, and all the adults were asleep within 30 minutes.

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