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It’s really starting to bug me that I don’t have a working title for my new mermaid novel. [Mermaid] is just not very inspiring. And, without telling you more about the book (and more than I actually know), I don’t see how you folks can help, either. Gah. Frustrating.

In any case, here’s the (very rough) opening paragraph of [Mermaid].


The Invisibles were late in returning to the colony. When their boat finally floated overhead–a black speck wobbling in the moonlight–the hunters swam up to fetch them. Pentari clung to the coral by the council dome and watched them swim down in pairs. The Invisibles had re-attached their breathing necklaces, but their thin, pale legs were almost useless in the ocean’s currents. The hunters, her three brothers among them, swished their powerful tails and carried the Invisibles with the same ease they carried dead fish back from a hunt.

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