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I’ve been following the development of the new Women’s Pro Soccer league for so long, I completely forgot to post about it! Since yesterday was the inaugural league game, let me remedy that oversight right now.

There are 7 teams in the new WPS league:

FC Gold Pride logo
FC Gold Pride
(SF Bay area)
Boston Breakers logo
Boston Breakers
Chicago Red Stars logo
Chicago Red Stars
Los Angeles SOL logo
Los Angeles SOL
Blue Sky FC logo
Blue Sky FC
(NJ/NY area)
St. Louis Athletica logo
St. Louis Athletica
Washington Freedom logo
Washington Freedom

Yesterday’s inaugural match took place in LA between the Los Angeles SOL and the Washington Freedom. Home Depot Center had over 14,000 fans in attendance. I have never seen so many girls — especially girls wearing athletic clothes. As my buddy Lisa said, “It looks like the last episode of Buffy here!” (If you recall, the last episode of Buffy involved girls from around the world being empowered with Slayer abilities all at once.)

The energy at the stadium was amazing: screaming fans, the wave, soccer chants, slapping “bam-bam” sticks. More than a little of the enthusiasm surrounded the LA SOL’s star player, Marta, and wowza, can that woman play! Her speed and facility with the ball were stunning. The crowd roared every time the ball even came close to her foot. She is definitely a player to watch. And re-watch. And watch again.

The WPS ran an interactive inaugural game page, where folks could send Tweets, photos, and comments during the match. I sent this picture, the view from Section 114:

From 2009 Photobook

Overall, the game was a blast, and I have huge hopes for the success of this league. Just seeing all the girls there — seeing all the dreams the league was inspiring in them — gave me goosebumps. This league must succeed.

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And now, I leave you with a picture of Marta about to kick my head:

From 2009 Photobook

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  • I'm not sure I'd want to stand there — even if that is just a poster…

    Wish I could have been there (and here at the same time), but at least I was able to pull for the losing team at a safe distance. Sounds like a great crowd (though I personally hate the bam-bam sticks and think they should be banned from all soccer matches. Let basketball keep their silly balloons).

    I was looking forward to the Marta vs. Abby smack-down — but I must admit, there was no contest. Marta is from another planet, by far the best on the pitch.

    …Of course, LA has a habit of fielding teams that rely too much on just one or two superstars. Better watch that or you might end up with another La-La Galaxy space case.

    (Yeah, that's all the smack I can muster. When the chips are down, play a different game.)


  • I definitely missed your presence at the game!!!

    Although Marta was, as you say, from another planet, we were impressed with several other players as well. Miyama was everywhere and is Chris's fave from the game. I also liked Han Duan, and my friend Erik liked Falk…though I'm not sure that had anything to do with her skillset. ;-)

    Also, our view was limited by our position in the stands. I went home and watched the game on TV after and got a more even-handed view of the players. Several of the Freedom impressed me as well.

    This was my first exposure to bam-bam sticks. I enjoyed them for the first half, and deflated them for the second.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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