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Wide Open by Deborah Coates


Wide Open by Deborah CoatesDeborah Coates, one of my favorite people in the world, has a book out today. Her first book, in fact, although she’s been writing and publishing incredible short stories for years. So if you like fantasy, contemporary stories, or romance, do yourself a favor and read Wide Open. Here’s my review from GoodReads:

I love this book. Hallie is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read and her voice sings from the first page on. I also love the setting — no urban for this fantasy! The wide open prairie, the ranches, the country bars… everything feels authentic and visceral, even when magic enters the picture. This book stands alone and has a very satisfying ending, but readers will be thrilled to know there are two more books planned in the series.

You should also follow Deb’s blog, as she’s posting deleted scenes, linking to contests, and will be posting details about her ginormous blog tour. Deb’s book is aimed at the adult market and does contain swearing, but mature teens will love it, too.

I truly believe Hallie will become one of fantasy and science fiction’s most beloved and iconic heroes.

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