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I finally made it back to kung fu and tai chi after two weeks of slacking over the holidays. I must have stood in the hot shower for 20 full minutes when I got home. Today, I feel like I “broke” my thighs. They just don’t wanna work. Ah, horse stance—How I love thee.

I feel like I’ve lost all my hard-won arm strength. Pushups kicked my butt again, and I had to do the back-of-the-wrist pushups from my knees. Strangely, my one-arms were better than usual, but I think I was just so disgusted after the knee incident.

I don’t have a lot of insight or parallels to draw from martial arts this time. I’m just so glad to be back. Even though I don’t always realize it, my life is out of balance without martial arts. I feel whole when I’m practicing regularly. Whole and focused, and a lot better about myself.

Heh, the same way I feel when I’m writing regularly. :)

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