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What’s in YOUR back seat?


Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, but I think the back seat of my Civic Hybrid deserves the honor more. Behold this photo, taken mere moments ago:

From 2009 Photobook

The weapons are:

  • Whisper (the staff)
  • Mr. Pointy (the spear)
  • Autumn (the Tai Chi straight sword)
  • Blueberry (the Chinese Broadsword)

And yes, that’s a glorious stack of D&D rulebooks in the back, a gift from a friend.

What’s in YOUR back seat?

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  • You're backseat is so much cooler than mine! I've got a few bottles of water and a couple of books of area street maps. Woo. Can we count the back deck (under the window)? That's where Bop's (my car) mascot proudly stands. His name is Mooch and he's a smiling stuffed lion, purple in color with blue mane and tail. His paws are velcro'd to the deck so that when mane and tail get to flying in the breeze he can hold his ground and sing along with the stereo. (Okay, maybe that's me singing. The breeze catches my mane, too!)

  • I'm pretty sure mine is far less interesting. I've got a car cover to protect my car from the LA dust and dripping sap, a container of windex wipes, and various other car-cleaning/car-care items. Plus a blue heart-shaped pillow from IKEA, and I'd bet on there being at least one book back there too.

  • Hmm…in my backseat: a case of Monster, a broom (don't ask), jumper cables, the Club that I never use, a case of bottled water, a dirty sweatshirt, umbrella and miscellaneous school books.

  • I like your backseat!

    If i was trapped on a freeway traffic jam, I'd like to be in your backseat.


    I don't have anything in my backseat.


    All the best,



  • A lime green jacket, three books (in case I get stuck somewhere), two packages of gum, a pair of tennis shoes, an umbrella, and a liberal layer of Santa Ana winds-era dust.

    You win!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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