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Now that social media has taken over the world, I post most of the fun links I find on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+. If I really love the link, I post it everywhere… except here. Well, phooey on that. Here are some of the treasures I’ve found recently:

[ART] Photographer Natsumi Hayashi takes photos of herself levitating. I find them strange, whimsical, and utterly captivating. I saw them first as a collection called “The Girl Who Loves to Levitate.” You can find even more on Natsumi Hayashi’s blog. (I absolutely adore some of her more recent shots.)

Photo by Natsumi Hayashi

[TYPOGRAPHY] Chris Pearson’s brilliant article “Secret Symphony: The Ultimate Guide to Readable Web Typography” goes into wonderful mathematical detail about the Golden Ratio and how it applies the magical relationship between font size, line height, and line width. If you want to skip the math, go directly to his Golden Ratio Typography Calculator. If every designer used this, the world would be a much better place.

Note: Chris also created the Thesis WordPress framework which I switched all my sites to earlier in the year after being drawn to the excellent typography.

[NATURE] From Scientific American, “Can Be Make Tupperware?” I’m not a fan of bees; seeing one actually makes me sick to my stomach. But I love love love how much we still have to learn from the amazing fabricators and architects of the natural world. (Also, I have an underground city with bubble walls much like these in Above World 2 — an now I know how they were made!)

[FOOD] Mark Bittman has a great article on a simple way to increase your veggie intake: “No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem.” I especially love the easy recipes he links to at the end: “Recipes for the Semi-Vegan.”

[ART] Jeannie Lynn Paske is an amazing illustrator. This collection is called “An Obsolete World.”

[PRODUCTS] Morn Creations (who made my little Devil Bag) have a whole slew of adorable vegan animal bags and handbags. I want so many of them that I can’t decide. They’re a Hong Kong-based manufacturer looking for international distribution, but you can buy their items on
Panda bag by Morn Creations

There are way too many more links to post. I’m clearly going to have to do round-up posts more regularly. If Pinterest has taught me anything, it’s that I love to revisit things that inspire me.

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