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Wallpaper: David Lanham


Lifehacker recently posted about the Five Best Wallpaper Sites and included my personal favorite, VladStudio.

I wanted to bring another artist to your attention: David Lanham.

I’ve been visiting Lanham’s site for years and am a huge fan of his icon sets, wallpapers, and art in general. Recently he’s branched out into vinyl toys. If you like weird, interesting, magical, and occasionally alarming, you should definitely check out his site. (And his shop if you’re interested in buying some prints.)

Three of Lanham’s most recent pieces have become some of my favorite wallpapers:

Full Moon by David Lanham

Firey Fox by David Lanham

Moon Walk by David Lanham

But some of his older work still inspires me:

King of the Castle by David Lanham

Still Life Flame by David Lanham

Space Doggy by David Lanham

Once you peruse his site, let me know if you’re drawn to any of his images — I would love to know what inspires you!

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  • Love all these you've selected. Probably like the 2nd one down the most, but all of them are fab :-) (Yeah, I think I've actually used the dog and bone one, and the flame on pedestal as past wall papers some time ago).

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Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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