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Vlad Studios: Wallpaper!


I have been a big fan (and member) of VladStudio for years. Vlad makes amazing wallpapers, offers them in a variety of sizes, and allows you to turn any of them into a free (and beautiful) e-card. If you’re looking for a new wallpaper or simply want to add to your library, you’ll enjoy looking through the hundreds of options on the VladStudio site.

A quick note about wallpapers: I am obsessed with them. I have 50-100 on my computer at any time, and I flip between them when I switch projects or when I want to alter my mood. If I’m cold, I switch to a warm color palette. If I’m tired, I switch to a picture that energizes me. If I’m working on Above World, I have any number of ocean-themed images to choose from. Wallpapers are like music to me — incredibly powerful tools for amplifying, setting, or changing a mood. I *heart* wallpapers.

Today, I’m going to pick five of my most-used VladStudio wallpapers, just for kicks. But please do yourself a favor and visit the site — he offers so many different styles that I can’t possibly do them all justice here.

Tree of Books

Gold Flame

Solar System

Don Quijote


Argh! There are so many more I’d like to show you! But I’ll leave it these for now, and highlight a few more in my forthcoming “Wallpapers for Winter” post. Enjoy!

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