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Toe Owie


On Halloween, I hurt my big toe. It’s been very sore and walking has been painful. I finally googled and found:

Tiny bones called sesamoids are located under the ball of your big toe (where the toe connects to your foot). These bones sometimes bruise — it’s a hassle, but it’s also a warning system; they start aching before you damage the bones of your big toe. To see if you’ve bruised these little guys, press hard on the head of your big toe with your thumb. If you’re howling in pain, that pretty much confirms that you’ve bruised, maybe even broken, your sesamoids.

Howling in pain definitely sums up my experience. But here’s where the “Jenn is a big dumb-head” part comes in.

After missing the last 2 weeks of kung fu, I finally made it to class tonight. I was so excited that I completely forgot about the whole toe thing, and about how the pain might be exacerbated by bizarre and cruel kung fu stances.

To sum up my kung fu class: @&#$#*!!!!!!

Am icing my toe now, having finally stopped swearing, and am wondering how best to tape it and/or apply moleskin to it so that the pain is not quite as excrutiating in my next class. I am given to understand that there’s not much else one can do with this sort of pointless injury, and I do not want to miss any more classes.

Advice welcome.

Sesamoid bones.

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  • OK, you probably already went here….but some interesting things to do.

    Personally, I would lay off the gung-fooh until the symptons subside….after all, you want to be able to return to it, not further damage your foot — thus preventing your enjoyment in the future….a little sacrifice now, for long term health later.

  • Wow, that hurts just reading about it. I have had this injury before just from running.

    I didn’t so anything except not run too hard until it went away.

    I hope you get better soon. This is a painful and highly annoying injury to have.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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