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I have a lot of writing to do today, and I could use a little peer support and a lotta peer pressure.

Here’s where I’m at: Chapter 21 of Above World, 153 words in.

Where I want to be: At the end of Chapter 21, or even better, at the end of the book

Anyone else writing today? What are your goals? Feel free to share a favorite line or paragraph and keep us updated on your progress.

Together, we are mighty!

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  • I am squeezing story time in between teaching Kelley to play hide-and-seek, and repainting the ceiling in the living room and hiding in the A/C because an overnight 20-degree temperature shift is KILLING me.

    I am still writing.

    Because you keep inspiring me to.

    • You give me far too much credit, Shel. One day of juggling your schedule would probably *kill* me.

  • I've already written some today. I'm still soaring on my 1407 words from very very early Saturday morning (or late Friday night depending on how you look at it). I know it's not much when compared to those who have written entire books (multiple, even), but considering the long stretch of unshakable writers' block I had, I'm grateful for every word that comes to me (and that I seem to have shaken that writer's block).

    Today's writing:

    Fleshing out plots and characters still. It's all coming together quite nicely right now–the ideas are flowing. I fully expect to have a workable outline going within the foreseeable future.

    My favorite paragraph so far:

    "Alive. She was. He wasn't. Not anymore. Not after he tried to jump her in the alleyway behind the Corner Pub. It had been a bad day for both of them, and the night was worse. He had been fired that afternoon. She had been woken by a terrible dream. He had responded by going to the pub to take the edge off. She had responded by going to the pub to make sure the townsfolk were still sane and normal and alive. He had publicly humiliated her and she had returned the favor. He thought he wouldn't let her get away with it. She hadn't thought at all. He was drunk and his aim was bad, so when he struck out at her he missed. She was drunk, and crying already, so when he missed, she struck back."

    In my head it was this dark alley scene narrated by some guy with a deep voice speaking in staccato rhythms, but of course some of that doesn't come out on the page. After this, the language reverts back into some normal rhythms and sentence lengths. This was my favorite experiment so far, though.

    • So very cool, Erin!!! I think the staccato voice does come across in the way you've written the paragraph. I'm so happy you're finding time to write!!!

  • Jenn:

    As you know, I’m always up for this kind o’ thang …

    Here among the marshes and mushrooms of Vancouver Island, I’m hard at work on “Ida’s Last Dance,” a 3,000 word piece for an upcoming theme’d issue of DESCANT, a Canadian literary journal. The theme of the issue? Dance. Here’s a recent ‘graf I’m particularly proud of:

    “Ida is dancing because it is all she has left right now. She is dancing to keep some part of herself alive that she isn’t sure will be there tomorrow because of what the doctors are doing to her. Ida is dancing to survive.”

    Now, my friend … do we get a glimpse of ABOVE WORLD?

    Please? Puh-lease?

    • Nice paragraph, Jamie! And you’ll get a glimpse of Above World after I’ve revised some sense into it… I hope. :)

  • I have three projects I’m working on right now:

    1. Collab erotica short story, due 4/30. It’s probably 2/3 done and the ball is in my court.

    2. Ghosted, urban fantasy novel, no specific due date but I’d like to feel like I’m galloping towards the end by the beginning of May.

    3. Three synopses of published novels for a workshop I’m attending next month, due 5/3. Two novels are read, one synopsis has been started.

    Today’s Goals: I’m thinking 2K on Ghosted and finishing Synopsis #1. That will at least curtail my rising panic. :-)

    I’ll try to remember to check back in later!

    • Yikes, Dayle! You're to do list always makes me panicky! Hope you were able to cross a few things off your list yesterday.

  • I got just over 1K done on Ghosted yesterday, but didn't have time to work on the other projects thanks to dinner and hanging out with an out-of-town friend who heads home today. But I woke up stupidly early today, so let's hope that gives me extra time to write!

    Great excerpts and production, everyone!

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Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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