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The Last of Christmas


Finally, I got to see my mother and exchange Christmas presents. We met in Anaheim (doesn’t everyone?) at a PF Chang’s for food, prezzies, and a whole lot of leftover holiday spirit.

Mom and John, looking cute:

From 2010 Photobook

Me and Chris, trying to follow their lead:

From 2010 Photobook

(Apparently the Get Well Soup did its job, as Chris was feeling much better today.)

And with that one last encounter, the holiday season has officially come to a close. Although Chris and I didn’t exchange presents this year (other than the bookshelves we bought a few weeks ago), it was no less merry, no less magical.

I made no official resolutions, but I did intend to start the year off with a little exercise. Very little exercise, it turns out. Two very persistent obstacles reared their adorable heads and decided they liked the exercise mat a whole lot more than they liked my resolve to workout. A sign of the year to come? Only time will tell.

From 2010 Photobook

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  • Your mother is very attractive. And I'm glad Chris is feeling better. (FHI: I suspect Futurismic's submission engine is broken.)

    Thanks for the Twitter follow. All the best to you guys in 2010!

  • Yeah, Mom is a looker!

    Futurismic is receiving subs just fine. What makes you say it's broken?

    Thanks for the well wishes. Hope this is a fabulous year for you, your family, and your writing!

  • Heya …

    When I used the Futurismic submission engine back in December, I got an error message and didn't receive the usual automated acknowledgement. (Chris has since responded so obviously, the SEND function is working but the rest he might want to look into.)

    Back to house-cleaning. Guests arrive in an hour …

  • I read your responses to a website thread on Verla Kay and linked to your website. Just wanted to say your books look fabulous and so does your website! I also write middle grade adventure. Great job on your design.

    • Hi Terry!

      I've been to your site already, and your books sound fabulous. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the kind words about my site and books!

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