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The Great Accord


Some exciting news on the feline front!

First, the kitten has a name, and that name is “Oslo.” We like the city motif (see “Cairo”), and he’s all grey and white indicating someplace cold and snowy. (What, you were hoping for Stuttgart?)

From Oslo

Second, we had a huge breakthrough on Wednesday night! Cairo started coming out from under the bed and exhibiting curiosity about the tiny grey invader. Was it time, or the Feliway diffuser I had installed just hours before his courage appeared? We’ll never know for sure.

There was much hissing on Cairo’s part at first, but no fisticuffs. Oslo was smart enough to desist when the hissing got serious. After a few hours, it seemed as if Cairo was trying to play. He didn’t seem to know how, but started to figure it out after a while. Here’s a quick video of one of their earliest successful exchanges.

Now, a few days later, we’re confident the two are going to get along. They play for hours now without hissing. No cuddles or grooming yet, but even if it stays like this forever, it’ll be okay.

Thanks again for all the advice. We ended up using tons of it, especially all the recommendations not to panic, to stay calm in front of the cats, and to just give it time. In the end, the progress was so much faster than we expected. You guys rock.

From Oslo

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  • Oh, best kitty playing video ever! So big a size difference! I am incoherent from cute. I love Cairo's "lift paw high, swing down, bounce!away" strategy, and Oslo's cunning use of local cover.


  • (I'm glad you didn't name him Stuttgart. Because my next dog is SO going to be a Stuttgart now.)

  • What a pair of cuties! I'm glad they are doing better together. It can take much longer to get to where you are now so I don't think you'll have any long-term trouble. The Feliway is great. We used it at home after our 3 cats began fighting when we lost our old dog to cancer. We use it all over the shelter where I work and I can really see the effects in our colony (group living) room when we release new cats. The spray Feliway can also help in spot treatments of shared toys and rubbing spots, although it can make the spot a little greasy over time if you continue to use it.

  • Very cute. I am reminded of my favorite cat ever, White Sox, so named for his white paws…(yep, all four of them).

    He was the kind of cat who would let you do anything to him, even hold him by his tail (which, I did not do, but you get the idea).

    He was also the best “mouser” ever, keeping my rather large yard rodent free for many years. Alas, he “disappeared” two years ago, under mysterious circumstances (we don’t know how or why).

    Enjoy Oslo.

  • Cairo looks incredibly *happy* playing with Oslo. I’m so glad this resolved itself so quickly. Hooray!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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