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The Alphabet Quartet


Daily Science Fiction has begun publishing The Alphabet Quartet, the collaboration of 26 (mostly) flash stories I wrote with Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, and Greg van Eekhout.

If you sign up for Daily Science Fiction’s free email, you’ll get the stories delivered to your inbox, one every Wednesday for 26 weeks. You’ll also get tons of other great short science fiction and fantasy stories. (I’ve been a subscriber since the start, and I love getting a daily dose of wonder.) If you don’t want the emails, you’ll be able to read our stories online a week after they’re emailed to subscribers.

Each story has a byline that lists all four of us. In the spirit of collaboration, we didn’t want to attribute the stories to their individual authors…partly because we all want to take credit it for the ones people like.

The first story up is “A is for Arthur.” Don’t you want to know what happened to Shakespeare’s most important play?

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  • I wonder what state the world needs to be for him to wake up again. Perhaps someone could write a play about the Bard writing a play about Arthur!… A two-fer-one deal … Imagine those two let loose in the 21st Century!

    • You would think the current state of the US might be enough of an incentive to wake the Once and Future King, but I guess not. (Unless he's back and unemployed somewhere.)

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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