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The Alphabet Quartet


It’s hard to believe, but all 26 stories that Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, Greg van Eekhout, and I wrote are now live on Daily Science Fiction’s site. Twenty-six weeks has never gone so quickly!

If you missed a story or want to gulp down all 26 at once, here you go:

The Alphabet Quartet on DSF

If you’d like to hear our stories instead of read them, then you won’t have long to wait! Escape Artists is producing all of them — plus a few extra! (Warning: the podcasts contain adult language.) Here are some primers:

Escape Pod

PodCastle (“D is for De Gustibus,” “F is for Flotsam,” “L is for Luminous,” and “N is for Nevermore Nevermore Land”)

PseudoPod (“Q is for Quit” and “F is for Flotsam”)


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