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Tai Chi Goofball


Most people who’ve taken at least one Tai Chi class are familiar with the visualization of chi as an invisible beach ball you hold in your hands. It helps keep your hands the proper distance apart, and helps you think about how to move them while “holding” the ball.

At the beginning of our Tai Chi form, we “form the ball” as we sink into our first Tai Chi stance. This is when I cannot stop my mind from thinking the most ridiculous things.

Things like, “Come here, you little bouncing ball of chi!” Or “Who’s a big ball of chi? Who is? You are! Yes, that’s right!” Or “God, I’ve missed you my beautiful ball of chi-y goodness!”

I’m not even going to tell you some of the others. The shame is just too great.

There is no moral to this story, no great life lesson. But if you’d like to share one of your silly-when-you-shouldn’t-be moments with me, I’d sure appreciate it. We’ll all be goofballs together. :)

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