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Martial Arts Tricking


Here’s a great short film (only 8.5 minutes long) about the new art of Martial Arts Tricking. Many of the tricking shots were filmed at my martial arts studio, White Lotus. So many nights when I was there (in kung fu or weapons class), I’d find myself watching the ring of trickers taking turns on the huge spring floor. It’s truly amazing what people can do when they work hard...

10 Years of Martial Arts


I’ve been studying martial arts for 10 years now. I hit the milestone back in June. My studies have been erratic over the years — sometimes I was taking 7 classes a week, sometimes I was skipping classes for months at a time because of work or a writing deadline. Sometimes classes were fun, and sometimes they were miserable. They were always hard. Sifu Carrie once noted that I’d...

Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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