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Graphic Novel: Cairo


I’ve read so many great books so far this year, and the most recent is one of my favorites: the graphic novel Cairo written by G. Willow Wilson and art by M.K. Perker (Vertigo, 2008). Cairo interweaves the stories of six people (well, five people and a jinn) in a tale of magic, adventure, and romance. I found all the main characters likable almost immediately, a pretty amazing feat...

2 Books for Boys & Girls


I have talented friends, and they write fantastic books. Today I’d like to talk about two recent releases because they are so incredibly different, and yet have so much in common. Let’s compare the books: Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout Male author, male main character Science fiction (post-apocalyptic) Setting is wild and dangerous, very “Person vs...

Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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