One of my favorite middle-grade series of all time is Stephanie Burgis‘s Kat, Incorrigible trilogy, and the third book, Stolen Magic, is now out in paperback!

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Book 1: Kat, IncorrigibleIndiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Book 2: Renegade MagicIndiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Book 3: Stolen MagicIndiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

I’m not trying to make you jealous, I swear, but I got to read every chapter of this trilogy as soon as Stephanie wrote it. I remember waking up in the morning and scanning my inbox, hoping to see an email from Steph with a little paperclip attachment symbol next to it. She swore the chapters were several thousand words long, but I would gulp them down instantly, as if they were mere paragraphs.

Here’s why I love the Kat, Incorrigible books: they’re fast-paced fun laced with magic and adventure, and every page is infused with heart. One of the ways they’ve personally touched me is with their incredible sense of sisterhood. I don’t have sisters myself, but reading these books, I get a glimpse of what it might be like — all the bickering and anger, but all the love and loyalty, too.

Book 3, Stolen Magic, is now out in paperback and soon the trilogy will be released in a boxed set. Buy them for every kid reader you know… but make sure to buy a copy for yourself, first!

5 thoughts on “Stuff I Love: The Kat, Incorrigible Trilogy”

  1. OMG I haven’t been on here in a while. : P It sounds pretty interesting, so I’ll definitely check it out after I finish Above World. AND I just got Mirage!!!!!!!!!! I’m reading it as I type. O_O

  2. I saw Horizon in the bookstore but they weren’t selling it. I was like O_O Wha-?!

    Me and my luck.

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