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Stuff I Love: Shoes!


On my journey toward minimalism, I have a rule: I’m not allowed to buy things because they are on sale or a good bargain; I must only buy things that I love, even if they’re more expensive. As a result, I have discovered two pairs of shoes that I never want to take off, that make me dance joyfully around the house whenever I put them on.

I have become a Shoe Person.

(Note: Neither of these shoes are vegan, which I would vastly prefer. I haven’t yet found any vegan shoes that fit correctly in a style that I like. I’ll keep looking.)

Merrell Moab

I bought these early in 2011 for my (snowy, rainy) trip to Blue Heaven, and fell in love. I put them on and my feet feel as if they’re being hugged by something big, warm, and soft… like a maybe a friendly polar bear or a yeti. They’re great for long walks, light hiking, errands, and keeping my feet toasty in freezing cold movie theaters and hockey stadiums. They’re great in rain and snow. If I had to choose one shoe to wear every day for the rest of my life, it would be these amazing Merrells.

Børn Jean

These glorious shoes have just recently come into my life, but have already wowed me. I think I’ve asked Chris to admire them three dozen times in just three days. (Usually I say something like, “If my shoes are making me look too awesome for you to handle, just say. I’ll understand. I won’t take them off, mind you, but I’ll understand.”) They are full leather (boo!) but the insoles are soft and cushy and make my toes delirious. In the dark brown color I chose, they look a little like cowboy boots sticking out from my jeans. Like all the best shoes, they make me feel comfortable in my own skin, and mighty.

I am now up to 11 pairs of shoes (2 sneakers, 2 hiking, 2 brown, 2 black, 2 sandals, 1 slight heel), which is, frankly, three or four pairs too many. I’ll be looking to cull a bit in the coming weeks and months. These two, however, are here to stay.

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  • The Born ones are NICE. Comfy looking with that slightly geeky vibe. Love ’em!

    Let me tell you about my stompy boots. I planned the boot buy for two years, waiting until I found the perfect pair. They had to have a heel, but be comfortable enough to walk in. Stylish, but also badass. And LO, just before Christmas I found them, and now they are mine, my own, my stompy boots. They are Dr. Martens, and yesterday the coffee shop barista admired them. They are the best boots EVER.

    • Those boots are A-MAZE-ING!!! Holy stompy boots! You must feel as if you could stomp the entire world when you wear them. They reek of stylish power.

      Secretly? Boots are next on my agenda. I have never owned a pair.

  • I love those stompy boots! I have a terrific pair of cowboy boots that I spent hours choosing, but those stompy boots…might have to save up and get me a pair.

    Jenn, the Merrills are amazing. Both Tom and I have become Merrill fans in the last couple of years – but those Moabs look wonderful! I’ll have to try them on. I’ve got cloggish ones (no back) that I can walk in for DAYS plus hello, waterproof. Did you get yours at REI?

    • I wish I could wear clogs but my feet are too narrow and always slip out. And yes, I got the Merrell’s at REI! It was love at first fitting.

  • Be careful!!!!!! You MAY end up like your Mother with WAY too many shoes for one person to wear in a lifetime!!!! It kind of creeps up on you, so you are forewarned!!!! Love you!!!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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