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Stuff I Love: Sharpie


If I had to choose one brand of pen to use exclusively for the rest of my life, without even a moment’s hesitation, my answer would be Sharpie.

It’s not even a question, really. I’ve been using Sharpies my whole life. They’re the pens I reach for to address envelopes, to label boxes, to scribble on CDs, to leave tiny love notes on the counter for my partner. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, some with delicate points for drawing, some with wide tips for coloring the world.

As a writer, I have two staples besides my computer: my moleskine notebook and my Sharpie pen. (Okay, usually I have multiple Sharpie pens in different colors because MORE PENS ARE ALWAYS BETTER.) Nowadays, I am in love with this model:

Sharpie fine grip pen, black.

Not only does it have a deliciously smooth feel on paper, the pen itself is sleek and well-shaped for the hand. The nib is fine, but the ink flows with a beautiful density, creating wonderful contrast on the page. I don’t have to worry about smearing when I (inevitably) drip coffee, water, or ice cream on my words.

Were I to count the Sharpies in my house right now, the number would be in the dozens. Three dozen? Four? Five? I have ten of the “Pen Grip – Fine” alone. (There are six different colors, after all.) But it’s not enough. It will never be enough. That’s the problem with love.

So tell me: what pen has stolen your heart?

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