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Stuff I Love: Baggu!


I’ve been using Baggu for years, and I can think of few products that I love more.


Baggu are reusable shopping bags that fold into tiny pouches. They are so light and small that they fit easily into a purse, backpack pouch, or even the back pocket of your jeans. Unfolded, they are Bags of Holding, capable of carrying heavy and bulky items, or tons and tons of groceries.

If you decide to buy one, buy six instead. Keep two in your backpack or purse, two in your car, and spread the other two out wherever you think you might need a bag. Some of the myriad ways I have used Baggus:

– Groceries (duh)
– All other shopping (clothes, books, housewares, etc.)
– Gym bags
– Lunch bags
– Picnic trips
– Any time you need to carry more stuff than your arms can comfortably hold

Seriously, these bags are awesome. Once you get in the habit of keeping them on your person, you’ll see. Since I got mine a couple of years ago, I’ve used them hundreds if not thousands of times. Think of all those plastic bags! Besides which, they’re more comfortable to hold than plastic or paper bags, and are far sturdier. (Did I mention the cool colors?)

When I bought mine, Baggu only came in one size. Now there are tons: backpacks, totes, smaller, bigger, packs of 5, zippered packs, etc.. You really can’t go wrong with the “Baggu,” though.

And if your tastes run to hip or edgy, check out what Threadless has done with Baggu!

I cannot recommend these bags highly enough. Go forth, purchase, and help save the Earth.

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  • I'm with you, of course — baggus rock!! Makes me sick to think of all those plastic bags that used to invade my apartment…

  • I want one! Threadless totally needs to make one with an RPG theme, though, pronto. If it just said Grocery Bag of Holding, I'd be well satisfied.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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