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My story “Monstrous Love” is now online at the December Lights Project! December Lights is the brainchild of Stephanie Burgis and Patrick Samphire, who are posting fun and funny stories for the holidays.

Monstrous Love” is part of my Bulfinch High series, a light-hearted bunch of stories set in an anachronistic Greek high school. This story stars the son of the sculptor Pygmalian and his creation Galatea, the woman Pygmalian carved out of marble and who was brought to life by the god Apollo.

Two other Bulfinch High stories are online:

Angst in D Minor” is about a young siren going to high school for the first time — and trying not to lure all the boys to their deaths.

Like Mother, Like Son” isn’t actually about Greek myths, it’s an alternate take on the great Old English tale of Beowulf (an excerpt of which was in my copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology, so there), told from the point of view of the monster Grendel.

Okay, so there’s only three stories in the series so far, and one of them isn’t even Greek. But I’m always looking to write more Bulfinch High stories. Got a character from Greek mythology you’d like to see in high school? Let me know!

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