I have not yet kicked fear to the curb.

Tonight in weapons, I landed on my shoulder during the forward roll — exactly the same way I did last week. Because my bruise wasn’t fully healed, it hurt so much worse tonight. I actually yelled, dropped my weapon, and stopped my form. Fortunately, my Sifu has experience just about every wound their is and knew exactly what I had done. She rubbed out the bruise for me (I didn’t cry, but it was close) and gave me some energy.

Very frustrating, but I am not deterred. I WILL GET THIS ROLL.

(i may wait until the bruise heals a bit before trying again though)

On the plus side, I started a new form! I “finished” (<--you're never really finished) the basic forms for staff, spear, and sword. Now it's back to staff for a more complicated set. This one has a lot of moving horse stances, which will be both challenging and awesome. I only got a few moves, but I love it already! The only disappointment is its name: Group Staff Set. I'll have to think of something more colorful to call it once I've learned all the moves. And now, it's time for more dit da jow.

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  1. hello i just wantedto stop by and say that your book is amazing and that it makes me want to pick up martal arts again

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