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I started learning the spear last night in weapons class!

The spear is weird. It’s longer than the staff, which was already pretty damn long, and it has a funny red fringe just below the spearhead. I assumed the fringe’s purpose was to distract, but Sifu Carrie said there is a second theory: that the fringe is used to catch and soak up blood so the shaft of the spear doesn’t become too slippery.

How cool!

As with the staff, the entire length of the spear is supposed to be used. The anchor/base hand holds the very end of the spear (the non-pointy end), and the other hand is used as a guide. I can already see how I will need to develop a lot more arm strength in order to wield this weapon properly. A whole lot more. Even after just practicing with my staff (until my very own spear arrives!), my arms and shoulders are sore this morning.

The precision required to aim spear thrusts reminds me of practicing fencing in high school and college. I dangled a tennis ball from my ceiling and practiced hitting it exactly in the middle so it would fly backwards and not to either side. Not entirely sure how I will replicate this exercise with the spear, but I’m sure many houseplants will die in the process.

I love practicing the staff. We’ve learned only the simplest of forms so far, but I love it. I was certain that I would dislike the spear, but even after one day, it’s winning me over, and I haven’t even started the form yet.

Any weapon that comes with its own blood-soaking mechanism is a-okay in my book.

And let me just say again: Spear!!!

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  • LOL! I love the idea of Mongol hordes descending on Los Angeles. I might need to work that into my LA book…

  • I've also heard that, as the tassel wipes up blood, flesh and bone from vanquished enemies, it then becomes a nasty weapon in itself. For back in the times that a spear was a major force on the battlefield, medicine wasn't quite up to the task of curing infected wounds. So this gore-infused tassel would slip into someone when you stabbed them, and even if they survived the encounter, they would likely lose limbs or die from a widespread infection or rot. Lovely, eh?

  • Josh, that is just *too cool*. And gross. But mostly cool! I’ve got to tell my sifu about that!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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