Oh, how I have been craving the company of writers!

On the Interwebs, I am constantly surrounded by amazing and talented writers. But sometimes, I want to leave my laptop at home and drink coffee and talk novel structure. I want to pay too much for a scone and discuss the proper use of passive voice. I want to hear excitement in other writers’ voices as they talk passionately about whatever they’re working on. I want to make jokes that only other writers understand, to argue about books, to stay too late talking because I just can’t bring myself to leave.

So if any of the West Valley Fiction Writers are reading this, I enjoyed meeting you. I hope we can form a great group that’s good for each of us in whatever way we want it to be.

And for the rest of you, my wonderful Web 2.0 friends — do you belong to a local writing group for inspiration, critique, or plain ol’ camaraderie? Or is the Web and an occasional convention good enough for you?

7 thoughts on “Social Writers”

  1. I miss my writing group a lot more than I miss writing fiction! Sometimes I want to pretend I'm starting up again, just so I can have some shop talk again.

  2. I really wish I had a writing group. Interactions on the web are never as long or in-depth as the things you talk about in person. It's harder to follow an interesting tangent. I wish I had a regular date with writing friends, but haven't been able to find any locally to meet up with. One of the bad things about living in a smaller town!

  3. I am in two writing groups; one is a venerable tie-in fiction group (the Alliterates), west coast version. But we don't actually do too many critiques or haven't lately, so a friend and I started another writer's circle. Of course, this last weekend at Norwescon, both groups found out about the other, and it was a little awkward ;-).

  4. What day is good for you, Christine? I may have some other lunches in the queue, but most of the week is open. (Probably not Wednesday, though.)

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