Today marks seven years since I met Chris at Worldcon in Anaheim and we started dating. They’ve been the best seven years of my life. We’re celebrating with mini parties for the next month, and with two beautiful new rings:

Picture of two rings.

The inlay of Chris’s ring is a layers of dark gray, whereas mine is inlaid with wood. Similar, but different. Just like us.

Here’s one of my favorite recent pictures: Chris and I with our mouths full at More Than Waffles. (Photo by Rick Engdahl.)

Photo of Jenn and Chris eating at More Than Waffles.

8 thoughts on “Seven Years”

  1. LOVE THE RINGS!! And who thought you’d ever wear a ring again? I just remember Chris sitting on the arm of your chair like that was where he had always belonged. And worrying if Cairo would even come out for him and, instead, falling in love with Chris. And we had been so worried.

  2. Aw, you guys! Congratulations on your seven years, which feels like a magical number that ought to be celebrated in ritual. The rings are perfect.

  3. I’ve said it before, but I am so glad you two found one another! Love the rings. You are really special Jenn!

  4. You know each other from seven years? wao. That is amazing. This is something worthy.The ring is awesome indeed. Wishing you a life time happiness for both of you.

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