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Geek legend Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple, aka “The Woz”) visited our studio for a few hours today! Alas, I’ll be keeping most of the details to myself, but I will dwell on this: He and his (awesome) assistant brought two Segways!

I have always wanted to ride a Segway, ever since I eagerly awaited the unveiling of the “invention that would change the world” back in 2001. Remember that? I think the Segway fell a little short of those expectations, but I have to say, it’s utterly and totally awesome.

You step on and it wiggles a little bit as it finds its balance. After that, it’s comfortable and easy to use. You lean forward to go forward, you stand straight to stop, you lean back to go backward. You twist the handle to turn. We were all doing laps in the parking lot and on the street within seconds. It’s incredibly fun!

Here I am, giddy and geeky in my Dr. Horrible shirt:

From 2009 Photobook

And here is a view from atop the Segway itself:

From 2009 Photobook

The Woz has special keys that allow the Segway to travel much much faster than it’s 12.5 mph, but I didn’t get to test drive one on a faster setting. Guess I have to save something for next time, right?

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  • Very cool! Our CEO has one that we see on a regular basis, its awesome for his special needs!

  • Very Cool. That you rode on a Segway is great….that you met The Woz is even more exciting. Those of us who have been with Apple since the beginning have two Icons we revere…he is one of them.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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