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See this movie: Sleep Dealer


Sleep DealerSleep Dealer is a fantastic near-future Mexican science fiction film currently in very limited release. My good friend Steven discovered this movie and arranged an outing to go see it on Sunday. Boy, am I glad he did both those things!

I really love science fiction about people. Not the head scientists and space cowboys and intergalactic presidents (although those are fun sometimes), but the smaller stories about the people who don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I like seeing how technology changes our everyday lives and the everyday world. I prefer quests for purpose and salvation and second chances than quests for a bomb that can destroy an asteroid hurtling toward the earth.

I loved Sleep Dealer.

I’m really not good at reviews, so if you’re interested, read:
– Review by Chris East
– Review by Steven Klotz (MentatJack)

There’s very little action in this film, and the special effects are low-budget at best, but I rarely remember being this riveted to a movie in ages — especially a science fiction movie. In short, go see it! (Or, you know, add it to your Netflix queue, since it’s playing in, like, two theaters total.)

Another great review, this time from Angry Black Woman. This one contains a full plot description with spoilers, so you have been warned! Go see Sleep Dealer at ABW.

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