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San Diego Zoo


Last weekend, I had the good fortune to join Ling and her fiancee Chris on an adventure to the San Diego Zoo.

It was hot. Bloody hot. But, after the acquisition of hats, we had a fantastic time surveying the park and taking way too many pictures. I don’t even want to tell you how many pictures I have of the first reptile house. Let’s just say it’s over a hundred, and leave it at that. (And I didn’t even bring my big honking camera with the 14x optical zoom — I just brought my little everyday one!)

I’ve posted a few pictures in my photo album, but if you love animal photos, you must check out Ling’s photos. She did much better than I did. Especially with subjects such as these freakishly cute meerkat babies:

Damn, they were cute! I was cursing my lack of zoom something fierce when we happened upon this happy little family. But they weren’t the only happy family we saw. We were tremendously lucky to see an adorably playful baby chimp, a dozen fluffy ducklings, and even a giant panda cub:

Despite the heat, I had an absolute blast with Ling and Chris. They kept me laughing the whole day. They live way too far away for my liking, that’s for sure.

A few more pictures are in my 2008 Photobook, if you’re interested:

From 2008 Photobook

Or take a look at Ling’s journal entry or Ling’s Smugmug Gallery.

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  • Thos are awesome snake pics! My camera can't get that close without macro lenses. I love super close up pictures! Now I'm thinking I have to bring more lenses to the zoo.

    Oh, for my birthday, we're going to the Busch Gardens Animal Park in Tampa. More zoo!

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Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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