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Where am I? Where will I be for the next few weeks and possibly months? Right here, in Novel Revision Central:

From 2010 Photobook

The typical layout contains: laptop & stand, printer, lamp, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, manuscript (in three separate piles), moleskine, Uniball Signo pens in three colors (my new favorite everyday pen), mug of coffee, wooden tiger from South Korea, and Buffy Summers: End of Days.

Missing from this picture: cats. Usually found on top of printer, if it’s printing, or lounging on the moleskine or manuscript — whichever one I’m trying to use.

Got anything unusual in your writing or revising space?

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      • I don't really understand all the intricacies of the game. I just like how the arrangement of pieces looks …

        • Now that I can understand! I think chess sets are gorgeous. If my house were infinite in size, I would collect as many as possible. (Right now, my only set is from Bali, and it's got an extra pawn instead of a bishop. Very sad!)

          • Check out the musical CHESS if you get a chance …

            Am now deep into Draft 1 of my latest novel, but before I get back to it, I wanted to urge you to post an update on ABOVE WORLD. How's the relationship with Candlewick, your agent, this novel (and sequel?) progressing?

            Inquiring minds wanna know.

            • LOL, I know CHESS very well — both the original and the horrifying American version. My friend Karen and I were singing CHESS together back at Clarion in 1999. Good times. :)

              Posting about ABOVE WORLD is trickier now. I am happy to blab online about my own life, but I rarely like to bring other people into it — it feels like a violation of their privacy. So when I can talk about stuff — like working on revisions — I will… but things that involve my editor and agent will probably stay private unless I get their express permission to talk about them.

  • Wow Jenn, this is so clean and organized! Even with cats, lol! My desk is a mess. I've got a farside calendar on it, lots of family pictures, and a mug with a dragon's head coming out of it for the handle. And clutter. Lots and lots of clutter. I am the Queen of Clutter! One of these days I'll get a shovel and throw all this junk away…

    • I honestly couldn't write a word if the desk was cluttered. That's my kryptonite. The neatness of my desk is merely a necessity for mental survival — I am by no means a neat person in the other areas of my life!

  • Hey, what about the little statue at the right back corner of the desk? The one that looks like somebody with a ponytail carrying a halberd? And tell us about your mug. I've never met a writer yet who just uses a random mug. They all have stories attached.

  • Hi Anne!

    That statue is Buffy from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. She adds an extra layer of badass to my revisions.

    Hate to disappoint you on the mug, but it's just one of my "Red Berries" set. Although it did take me a year to find dishes that I loved. :-D

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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