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Quinoa Summer Salad


After my last quinoa post, my friend Erin described a quinoa-based version of Tabouleh that she makes. I happened to have tons of fresh veggies in the fridge, so I gave it a try. (With modifications, of course, because I am lazy.) It’s light, crunchy, refreshing, and way too good for you. Chris describes eating it as the equivalent of drinking a health potion in World of Warcraft.)

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Quinoa Summer Salad

Quinoa (a mix of red and white, cooked as normal and cooled)
Red peppers
Green onions
Baby spinach (uncooked, shredded)
Olive oil (garlic-infused if you’ve got it!)
Lemon juice (fresh and lots)
Salt and pepper

It’s not super filling because of the lack of carbs, but it’s fun to eat and easy to make. Chop, combine, stir. Even I can do that!

So…what changes or additions should I make to the next batch?

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