The quinoa experiments continue! My latest revelation has been something I’m calling “Quinoa Chili.” It’s hearty, healthy, easy, and much lighter than actual chili. (Because hey, no meat!)

I started with this Spanish-style Quinoa recipe and mixed things up. More garlic, of course. Red pepper instead of green. More canned tomatoes, plus a can of black beans. Red quinoa, for that awesome chili-like color. Serve warm, with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, a lump of sour cream, or both. I like scooping it up with tortilla chips, which add a great hit of salt.

From Food and Drink

The second batch doesn’t look as good because I used white quinoa instead of red, but it still tasted yummy. I added shredded carrots and finely diced potatoes to this one. If I’d had a can of corn, I would have thrown that in, too. I also upped the amount of spice significantly, as the volume increased a bunch.

From Food and Drink

Got any favorite chili recipes that I might be able to convert to meatless quinoa versions, or suggestions for more colorful additions?

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