I’ve been out of sorts for the last two weeks, and yesterday I finally figured out why: I miss my novel. I miss my characters.

I didn’t go through this phase much with Jade Tiger back in 2003 because a family tragedy pretty much consumed my life for  months after I finished. The post-novel blues are vastly preferable to that nightmare, but unexpectedly powerful in their own right. I find myself desperate to continue writing in the Above World universe. The novel doesn’t deserve fans (yet), but I want to write fan fiction!

(Okay, now that I’ve said that, I’m totally going to do it.)

Help me, friends. How do you get through this?

3 thoughts on “Post-novel Blues”

  1. My next absorption: download Ghormenghast from audible and lose touch. And just perhaps learn a few things about evocative sentence structure ;-)

  2. I had the same bring-down when I finished TIME OUT in March … a kind of graphomaniac’s post-partum depression.
    My solution? Immediately begin work on a new short story.

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