On April 4th, Oslo the Kitten turned one.

The little guy has grown so much since we got him! Back then, he could fit into “the lounge” like so:

From Oslo

Now, he’s long and lean, not quite as heavy as Cairo, but already bigger.

From Oslo
From Oslo

He has become a full-fledged member of the family, loved and adored by all. But as much as we spoil and adore the little fella, there’s someone in the house who is even more grateful than we are that Oslo has come to stay:

From Oslo

13 thoughts on “Oslo Turns One”

    1. Actually, we've only had him 7 months, but his foster mommy told us his birthdate, so we were celebrating that. :)

    1. Cairo is the instigator in most cuddle situations. I had no idea! We should have gotten another cat so much sooner. But as Chris points out, if we had, then it wouldn’t have been Oslo. So… it all worked out for the best. :)

    1. I passed your birthday wishes along to Oslo in the form of an intense scruffle. He thanked you with a million soft purrs. :-D

    1. LOL!!! Nice one, Lisa! I couldn't figure out what you were saying, but Chris did. You funny!

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