The time has come: I need to write an Acknowledgements page for Above World.

A lot of people think novel writing is a solitary activity, but it’s not for me. I lean on my friends and peers, and I lean heavily. They support me, inspire me, and kick me in the pants when I need it.

I don’t think anyone but me realizes how much help I got with this book. I think it’ll be fun — and perhaps illustrative to folks trying to do this novel writing thing alone — if everyone who helped me with Above World comments on this post and mentions how they helped. (And hey, I’m much less likely to forget anyone this way, too!)

So if you read a draft, suggested a character name, gave me a critique, or helped in some other way, step right up and claim your place in Above World’s village!*

* That metaphor is so not working.

35 thoughts on “Novels Take a Village”

  1. I had the privilege of reading a couple of drafts. I also suggested you make Aquaman King of the Kampii, but that seemed not to resonate with your vision of the book, so, you know, I tried to help. :^P

    1. Aside from Aquaman, it was either you or Tim who came up with the name Fathom for the rewritten villain. Or maybe it was me and you guys emphatically agreed, or something. But regardless — THANK YOU!!!

      1. Looking back at old email, I think I did come up with Fathom, but clearly by that point I was trying to design a new Aquaman villain action figure. So I almost got my way!

  2. Does it count that Ted and I sat in the hallway with you that night when you were hitting a wall over plot points, and helped talk you through a series arc? I don't know if it's Acknowledgements-worthy, but it sure was fun and made me excited about the books!

    1. I will never, ever forget that conversation and how great you guys were. And the centaur "smooshing" machine for makin' baby centaurs! Although the talk was for book 2, you definitely helped with the overall world building. Thanks!!!

  3. I read a draft and probably muttered some incoherencies that were best ignored. But yeah, Fathom was all Greg. I just lamented that Ocean Master was already taken as the name of an Aquaman villain.

    1. Dude, you're the one who told me to drop Calli's stutter. I will be grateful FOREVER. (I remember using your crit as a checklist, as it was so thoroughly awesome.)

    1. And you were totally smart about it! I love your "After reading this, I expect X, Y, and Z to happen in the rest of the book." SO HELPFUL!!!

      1. Crap, did I get his name wrong? The biologist from Flagstaff, the one who talked about altitude and oxygen and all that? Sarah knows who I'm talking about. Sarah, help my oxygen-deprived brain here.

        1. BUD! No, you're totally right! I was confused because I brought a different book to SH, but you're right — I totally hit Bud up for info on this book. Nice!

    1. Ha!! You were the one who gave me the great swimming advice, right at the beginning. Along with a whole heap of other great suggestions. But I remember your fierceness about the swimming the most. :-D

  4. I was pleased to offer feedback on your agent query and synopsis, which were already in awesome shape. Then I happily read and critiqued one of the later novel drafts–which was also in excellent shape, actually. :) Frankly, I think I got the better part of the deal.

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