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Novels Take a Village


The time has come: I need to write an Acknowledgements page for Above World.

A lot of people think novel writing is a solitary activity, but it’s not for me. I lean on my friends and peers, and I lean heavily. They support me, inspire me, and kick me in the pants when I need it.

I don’t think anyone but me realizes how much help I got with this book. I think it’ll be fun — and perhaps illustrative to folks trying to do this novel writing thing alone — if everyone who helped me with Above World comments on this post and mentions how they helped. (And hey, I’m much less likely to forget anyone this way, too!)

So if you read a draft, suggested a character name, gave me a critique, or helped in some other way, step right up and claim your place in Above World’s village!*

* That metaphor is so not working.

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