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Nisei Festival


Sunday we headed down to the Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo. Although there were many cultural displays (bonsai, samurai armor, calligraphy), I was mostly there to hang with my friends, enjoy the Taiko gathering, and eat as much as possible.

This dude sat in the middle of the street, guarding the closing ceremonies location.

From 2010 Photobook

Mmmm, mochi! I’d never had fresh mochi ice cream before (the mochi from Trader Joe’s just doesn’t compare), and I loved it! I nabbed chocolate and mango first, and was so excited that I nommed on the chocolate before remembering to snap a picture. After these, I went back for another chocolate. So good!

From 2010 Photobook

Here I am with my new BFF, a strange green bird thing. He/She/It cruised around the taiko area, looking absurdly adorable and trying not to pass out from the heat.

From 2010 Photobook

Although we only spent a few hours at the festival, we had a blast. I definitely want to go again next year and spend a little more time eating. Er… I mean exploring the cultural displays. Yeah. :)

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