Last year, right before I went in for surgery, I wrote two new flash stories as a gift to myself. (Flash stories are usually very short, often 500 words or so, but less than 1500.) I didn’t think I’d be able to write much while I was recovering, but I thought I could at least stay on top of submitting these flash pieces and therefore make myself feel like a writer anyway. Happily, they both sold and the second one is now online.

Note: Both these stories are intended for adults and may not interest young readers.

Flytrap: “The Sea City Six”

Heather Shaw and Tim Pratt Kickstarted a new issue of their ‘zine Flytrap, and I jumped on the chance to submit a story to Heather (the fiction editor). Now you can read “The Sea City Six” and a whole bunch of other great stories (many by good friends!) online for free.

–> Read “The Sea City Six”

About the story: “The Sea City Six” is told from the point of view of a group of investigative reporters as they follow-up with a team of superheroes who failed to prevent a tragedy.

Daily Science Fiction: “Gather Your Bones”

Daily Science Fiction has an interesting model: if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get a new piece of fiction emailed to you five days a week. A week later, the story is published online at their site. I had previously only published collaborative work with them: The Alphabet Quartet. I was thrilled when they accepted “Gather Your Bones,” my first solo piece.

–> Read “Gather Your Bones”

About the story: “Gather Your Bones” is told from the point of view of a witch talking to her client. Her client wants to exact revenge on a woman who hurt him, but as the witch digs deeper, she uncovers the uncomfortable truth. (This is story about “Nice Guys.”)


The first issue is going out mid-March, so sign up if you want behind-the-scenes info on my books and writing career. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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4 thoughts on “New Short Stories Online”

    1. Hi Cleo! The stories don’t have bad language (or much of it), but I’m just not sure if they’ll be fun for younger readers. You’re welcome to try — they’re very short and the worst that will happen is that you’ll be a little bored. :-D

  1. Bored? When I read one of YOUR books? Nope. No way, so yes, I’m definitely going to check them out….and I happen to love short stories because they’re always filled with ‘quick fun’! :) O_O So excited!

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