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NERF Mania


I’ve never seen the allure of NERF guns. I despise guns in general. When other folks at the studio started buying NERF weaponry and holding huge battles, I mostly just sat at my desk and tried not to get hit in the crossfire. Then the producers bought everyone a NERF gun, and like it or not, I was part of the war.

I think it took about 10 minutes for me to see the light.

Now, I keep a small arsenal of weapons by my desk at all times: the single-shot, a bow with arrows, and a 6-shot NERF Maverick. The Maverick is my favorite. I have taken it apart and rebuilt it three times so far. You see, modifying your NERF gun (aka “modding”) is best part. That’s what makes a $10 piece of plastic truly yours.

My gun now has three mods:

1. The air resistors have been removed on 5 out of 6 chambers so the bullets fly faster and farther. (I left one chamber unmodified to keep me humble.)

2. Normally, the barrel of a Maverick slides out about half an inch. I removed the inhibitors so the barrel now pops out all the way so it can be loaded faster, spun, and snapped back into place with a satisfying click. (This is by far my favorite mod.)

3. It has been painted. I didn’t go all-out as I’m just not an artist and I don’t really care what it looks like that much. But I am pleased with my meager attempt nonetheless.


NERF Maverick au natural.


NERF Maverick painted.

NERF Maverick close-up.

NERF Maverick close-up.

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