One of the birthday presents I gave myself this year was to finally start designing t-shirts and putting them online… not necessarily to sell to other people, but so that I could start wearing more of my own stuff.

[Edited to add:]
If you’re interested in any of these designs, you’ll find purchasing options here:
–> 100% Star Stuff
–> I want to believe: Mermaids
–> I want to believe: Centaurs

Behold, my first design!

T-shirt design: 100% Star Stuff

Obviously, this one was inspired by my amazing week at the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop and the famous Carl Sagan quote, “We are made of star stuff.” I’m hoping to add many more space- and science-themed t-shirts as I go.

The other two designs are based on some of my Above World illustrations. I’ve combined them with the famous UFO poster featured in the X-Files for some fantasy takes on “I want to believe.” (In the case of Above World, though, they stand for “I want to believe that someday we can bioengineer ourselves into centaurs and mermaids.”)

I want to believe in mermaids t-shirt I want to believe in centaurs t-shirt

I’m using Tiger Bright Studios (my ebook cover design company) as the company name for my designs and have chosen Redbubble as the vendor, although that may change. They use American Apparel t-shirts — nice quality, but I’m a medium in shirts and the XL “girly” t-shirt is almost too small.

I realize this is a silly thing, but even so, I’m having SO MUCH FUN.

8 thoughts on “My Very Own T-Shirt Designs”

  1. Cool! I’ve kicked around doing t-shirt design myself. And for the same reason: for me to wear. :) Happy to see you doing it.

  2. But just a quick followup – when you get a chance, could you post the direct link to the designs on Redbubble? I couldn’t find them when I followed your link to the main site.

    1. So sorry about that! The images themselves go to the specific designs (or they should) but I should have make links explicit elsewhere as well.

      I’m SO GLAD that you like the designs!!!

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