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My Uncle, Superstar!


In the 1950s, my (amazing, wonderful, awesome) uncle* recorded two songs for a record label. I’m thrilled that he’s now put the songs on YouTube, along with some photos of the recording sessions. (* aka “Doctor Uncle Reverend Herbatroid” — although only the “uncle” part is accurate.)

Without further ado, here’s the uber-talented Herb Bohler:

“True to You”


Listen to that voice! What a crooner! And it’s astonishing to me how much he reminds me of my brothers in the photos. I am a very proud, very adoring niece. :)

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  • OMG! That's fantastic!!! The sound quality is awesome…right up my alley and totally fab! Thanks for sharing that…Hope you're well…


    • Jenn, your embarrassingly-kind comments are not only hyperbolic but hugely appreciated! An interesting sidelight to the Annabelle song is this: Son Steve and his then-girl-friend Jeannine were singing Annabelle together while walking, when Steve interrupted the song several times to repeat the line "Oh will you be my loving bride, And stay forever by my side?" At some point Jeannine recognized the requests as a proposal …. and said yes. (They celebrated their 11th anniversary two days ago).

      I'm not much of a "commenter", so I'll now reveal that I follow your musings, activities and successes with happiness and great pride – – and will continue to do so!

      All my love,

      Uncle Herbatroid……

  • I'm pretty sure I've met the Famous Uncle Herbatroid on a couple of occasions. His talent is clear, and if he suffered from lackluster songwriting, he's hardly to blame. A shining star, who could have easily been cast alongside Gene Kelly, given a more favorable twist of fate.

    And you're right about your brothers. Do they have a hidden talent?

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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