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My First Movie


Last week, I auditioned for a voice part in a full-length animated (direct-to-DVD) movie, and got the part! Yesterday, I showed up at the recording studio for my 8:30am call time and headed into my first professional (SAG) voice acting role.

You know what’s weird? Being called “the talent.” Also weird was not doing all the set up like I used to do for Cosmic Toast green screen shoots. And being asked what I wanted for lunch. And basically being the center of attention for two producers, a director, a sound guy, a script supervisor, and a few other fine folks.

Also weird was sitting in the huge room with the mic by myself, while everyone else sat beyond the glass in the recording room. I could see them all talking, but could only hear them when the director pressed a button to speak to me directly. Usually, it was something like, “Line 363, page 72,” or “More energy!” or “Pretend that you’re getting kicked in the face while you say that line,” or even “We need you to scream a really long time.”

(The screaming? That was fun. I’ve only ever screamed that long and that loud in my car, by myself.)

Here I am in the studio after we wrapped the dialogue portion of the day. I’m exhausted and I’ve been wearing that headset for hours. (Lesson learned: never wear earrings to a voice over session.)

From 2010 Photobook

Here’s a look at the script. (I’ll tell you more about the movie when I can — I’m not sure what the protocol is, and don’t want to take any chances.) All those pink highlights and pink tabs indicate my lines.

From 2010 Photobook

Overall, the work was hard in a way I’ve never experienced before. Being “the talent,” having so many people count on me, never letting self-doubt creep into my mind (or shooing it away the instant it did)… it was nothing short of amazing. It felt a lot like my second-degree black belt test — you never know what you can accomplish until you push yourself past what you think are your limits. (As my (very wise) buddy David said in the song recording session later, “Never set your own limits.”)

I was very lucky to work with such great people during the day. Everyone was professional, kind, and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I now have the warm glow of having answered this particular call to adventure.

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