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Mutant Love (Old Art)


I’ve been going through some old artwork from high school, and thought I’d share some of my X-Men (and other famous superhero) sketches, mostly to reinforce my love of comics despite recent blows. Please note: all of my sketches involve me copying (but not tracing) specific panels. I was never good enough to create my own poses or to drawn superheroes without a reference.

Click to see larger versions.

One of my first Great Crushes was on Nightcrawler of the Uncanny X-Men. (Good ol’ Kurt Wagner shared this honor with Starbuck, Han Solo/Indiana Jones — who strangely counted as one person, but was not Harrison Ford, and Jack Cutter from Tales of the Golden Monkey. I wrote their initials on a piece of paper and slept with it under my pillow every night.

I drew three pictures of Kurt, but can only find two. The one that’s missing is my favorite — a picture of the Bamf! stuffed animal.

Kurt and his girlfriend Amanda Sefton kissing:

Kurt in obvious angsty pain:

Here’s a picture of Storm from the Asgard storyline. Because I was terrible with faces, I sometimes didn’t draw them:

I went through a metal phase at one point. Here’s Colossus (X-Men) and Cyborg (Teen Titans):

Strangely, I never really cared for Spiderman, but I did love drawing his poses. I like this one, complete with water damage:

Oh, I have so many more sketches!!! Three of my friends and I designed a superhero team and actually wrote a comic. I’ll probably share some sketches from that as well, before moving on to the mountain of D&D-related drawings I have. Aren’t you lucky!

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