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Mouse Guard: Fall 1152


Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David PetersenA few years ago, I stumbled across David Petersen’s booth at Comic Con and picked up an issue of Mouse Guard. I was blown away by the art — the colors, mood, and general design, as well as the adorable but fierce mice heroes. Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 collects the first six issues into one gorgeous volume.

You might think a story starring mice would be cutesy, but Petersen’s mice are complex, determined people. This first volume centers around warrior “Guardsmice” uncovering a plot against their order. Although the artwork never glorifies violence or devolves into gore, Petersen does convey the serious nature of combat. The characters can be wounded or killed.

I really enjoyed getting lost in this book. The artwork creates such a vivid world, and one gets the sense that there is so much more to explore. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next volumes.

ADDENDUM: There’s a Mouse Guard role-playing game!!! How awesome is that?

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