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More Evil Pushups


Before I describe the new pushup torture I witnessed in class tonight, let me first say that I did none of them.*

Level 1: Pushup position, but with your feet flat against a wall. Move your feet about one foot up the wall, and do the pushups from that position.

Level 2: Body folded in at a 90-degree angle, feet against the wall, legs parallel to the ground. Torso and arms are parallel to the wall. Pushups are straight up and down.

Level 3: Body straight and leaning at a slight angle against the wall. Almost a fully vertical (and upside down) position.

It was amazing to see our instructors explain these pushups and then effortlessly pump them out. I felt as if I were watching an old-school kung fu movie. Most of the rest of us played the part of the bumbling class.

Fun, fun, fun!

* I still can’t do pushups because my rotator cuff has been jacked since December. I’m doing exercises, icing it regularly, etc., but it’s still jacked. Although it hurts regularly and still wakes me up at night, at least I’m getting used to it. Some people say it will never heal, and I’m trying to get used to that idea.

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