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Monster Bag!


I am totally obsessed with bags: messengers, backpacks, mini-messengers, all of them! I can’t tell you how many hours I spend browsing (Way too many hours.)

It’s all about finding the perfect “bag system” for my current lifestyle. Right now, I need a bag to carry to and from work that can contain my: 15″ laptop, books and papers, large moleskine, coffee, wallet, phone, iPod, business cards, chapstick, keys, baggus, tissues, power cords, digital camera, headphones, sunglasses, and various medical stuff like Advil, band-aids, Tums, etc.

When I’m at work, I need a smaller bag to run errands or go out to lunch that contains just my: wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses.

My old system, a SOLO messenger bag:

Solo messenger bag

Plus the Sherpani Cres for small outings during the day:

Sherpani Cres Bag

A structural issue with the SOLO required me to engage a new system. I spent about 6-8 months researching laptop backpacks (no, I’m not kidding — there are a ton of important factors to consider!), and ended up with a Wenger purchased on the cheap from Amazon. The listing has since disappeared, but here’s a similar one:

Wenger Backpack

In honor of the new backpack, I finally ordered a new bag from MORN Creations. I’d been ogling them for a long time, and decided to strike. Here’s my new tiny bag, a “Devil Bag” from MORN Creations (purchased from

Devil Bag

Isn’t it cute? And it comes in a purse size and a messenger bag size, too! If those bags worked with my “bag system,” I’d probably buy them too.

Yes, I know this is a weird obsession. And I’m really only showing you the tip of the iceberg. But damn, I love a good bag!!!

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  • Ahem. You keep your COFFEE in your MESSENGER BAG??? Have I taught you nothing? LOL!

  • Just to taunt you, Novica just started a handbags sale… I'd say most of our offerings emphasize style over function, but there are some pretty neat options. Using friend's journals as advertisement space might seem a bit crass, but I know Jenn is a fan of Novica.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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