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Mirage Now in Paperback!


The world needs us, and we need each other.
We must not hide forever.

—Ali’ikai of the Coral Kampii, Born Sarah Jennings

Above World: MIRAGE by Jenn ReeseToday is a the “book birthday” of the Mirage paperback! I’ve got one in my grubby hands as I type this. This book contains so many things that I love:

Four heroes from Above World: Aluna, Hoku, Calli, and Dash
Three of my favorite new characters: Rollin, Tal, and Nathif
An homage to the Olympics called the Thunder Trials
A desperate race against death through the desert
Calli learning about leadership!
Aluna learning what really makes someone weak or strong!
Dash’s secret past!
Hoku becoming an apprentice!
New cultures!
New martial arts!

To date, this is the hardest book I’ve ever written, and I’m exceedingly proud that it’s out there in the world. Thanks again to my (then agent) Joe Monti, my editor Sarah Ketchersid, the Candlewick team, and all my friends who helped with the book and who continue to support my books and my career.

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“A powerful sequel with sustained themes of friendship and honor.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Mirage features compelling characters, plenty of action, and a thoroughly imagined world… [T]he dynamic plotline will keep readers engaged.”
—School Library Journal

“Readers … will be rewarded with this sequel. There is plenty of adventure and a well-developed setting that brings the desert to life. … Hand this book to patrons who appreciate their adventure in fantastic worlds…”

“A strong sequel that should garner continued interest in this engaging, innovative middle-grade series.”
—Booklist Online


I’ll leave you with the dedication to Mirage, and the hope that you’ll come walk in my world with me:

Dedication of Mirage

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