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Recent events include:

1. A Thursday night short film screening hosted by Cornell Club LA and run by my buddy Shelley Stuart.

The six films were almost all good, and several were far, far better than I was expecting. I saw:

* The Morning Fog
* Room 27
* Window
* Soldier
* Yasin
* Sole Mates

Of these, I recommend Sole Mates, Yasin, and The Morning Fog (which had a tiger!).

2. A Friday night showing of Rogue Artists Ensemble’s world premiere adaptation of “The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch,” by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. (After a fabulous dinner at Cafe Caronlina, of course.)

Christine’s hubby Tom had a starring role in the production as The Professor and Mr. Punch. The adaptation was a little unfocused in terms of writing, but we really enjoyed the interplay of media. The costumes, acting, puppetry, props, audio, and video elements were excellent. Looks like there’s a trailer on the Rogue Artists website.

3. Saturday and Sunday involved

* World of Warcraft (River got her flying griffon mount! Kagamii got ghost wolf form!)
* a haircut (I signed a copy of Jade Tiger for my hairdresser)
* researching marine animals at Lulu’s Beehive (bottlenose dolphins are thugs!)
* breakfast at More Than Waffles
* various tasks such as bill paying, website work, laundry, etc.
* messing with Cairo as much as possible

I’ve had a damn fine few days!

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