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Martial Arts Irony


Tonight, I managed to do a series of standing front rolls without killing myself! Wooo!

Standing front rolls are not terribly difficult, but they have scared the bejeebus out of me since I started martial arts. At first, I worried excessively about my back, since rolling is not generally advised for folks with bad scoliosis. That excuse lasted several years, until Eagle Claw, a form that contains front rolls. It works like this:

My love of forms > My fear of rolling

A simple equation illuminating a universal truth.

But where does the irony part come in?

1. I did standing front rolls without a hitch! But before that, I almost killed myself doing the much easier kneeling rolls, and will be trying to rub out an egg-shaped bruise on my knee for the rest of the night.

2. I spent the night working on the hardest form I’ve ever studied and doing a series of front rolls, and came out just fine… but managed to pull a muscle in my neck reaching for the power cord to my computer when I got home.

I am, above all things, a big doofus. :)

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